Example Facade Grant- Greensboro


Offered by the Greensboro Foundation for the Future in partnership with the Greensboro Downtown Development Authority

How does the program work?
The Greensboro Façade Improvement Matching Grant Program is administered by Greensboro’s Foundation for the Future as part of Greensboro’s Downtown Development Authority and Greensboro Main Street Program. Funds are available for façade improvements to buildings located within a commercial district, B1 or B2 within the city limits of Greensboro. Typically commercial tenants or commercial property owners may receive reimbursements of 50% (not to exceed $500) of the cost of the approved storefront or back renovation, signage or awning or landscaping.

Project Eligibility
Eligible projects should visibly improve the unique historic character of the storefront or back entryway or allow the non-conforming storefront to better fit within the historic area. Examples include but are not limited to appropriate signage, awnings, exterior painting, and window, door, and storefront or back entry feature restorations and changes or landscaping. These funds are available for exterior improvements only and may be applied to a front, side or rear façade, provided the façade faces a public street or parking lot.

Funding Dates
Façade work is eligible if approved, started and completed before September 30, 2014. This granting period will be issued on a first come, first served basis until the available funds are awarded. It is the responsibility of the applicant to inquire about the availability of funds.

Historic District Approval
The Greensboro Historic Preservation Commission MUST review and approve projects taking place within Greensboro’s locally designated Historic District before Façade Grant approval may be granted. A Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) and/or Historic District Sign Permit must accompany this application for Historic District Properties. More information about Greensboro’s historic district is available online at www.downtowngreensboroga.com.

Large Project Assistance
Greensboro’s Foundation for the Future may award two 50/50 matching grants in an amount not to exceed $1000 for Larger Projects. A Larger Project is defined as any project with permits issued for work costing over $2,000.00. The Large Project awards are available on a first-come, first served basis. No more than two Large Project awards will be made within each fiscal year.

Design Assistance
The Georgian Trust for Historic Preservation and the Department of Community Affairs provide a design consultant to Better Hometown communities to help you plan your project. They can even issue you a suggested drawing of the way your building could best be enhanced to fit into the area. The Better Hometown Manger can provide assistance and referral.

Application and Award Process
Complete the façade grant application form and return it to the Office of Downtown Development at 111 North Main Street in downtown Greensboro. Tenants must include a letter of permission from the property owner. Allow 30-45 days for review of your application by the Greensboro Foundation for the Future. You will be notified if the grant is approved and may begin work. You may NOT begin work before you are notified of approval. After the project is completed, you must submit project documentation including receipts and/or cancelled checks to the Office of Downtown Development. Grant awards will be made after staff has inspected the completed project and reviewed all project documentation.

Yes, the application must be approved BEFORE you do the work, not after you begin. Because of the limited funs available at this time, the DDA cannot grant funds to the same applicant more than once per year.

Grant Close Out
All grants must be closed-out within six months of the award. Closing out the grant includes submitting all eligible receipts for review and receiving reimbursements. Funding will be de-allocated for projects that are not closed out within six months of the award notice.

For Additional Information
Contact the Greensboro Office of Downtown Development at (706) 453-7674 or visit the program website at www.downtowngreensboroga.com.