Example Job Description #9

Job Title: Downtown Development Director

Job Summary: This position is responsible for the management of the Downtown Development Authority and the Main Street Program

Perform duties related to the planning, preparation, operation, and evaluation for the Downtown Development Authority and Main Street Program.

Performs duties and makes decisions consistent with department mission, vision, and core values.

Plan and prepare for regular and special called authority meetings that include, but not limited to agenda preparation, communicating meeting notifications and reminders to members, posting meeting notices and cancellations, development of financial reports, recording and distribution of meeting minutes, and general record keeping.

Manages authority budget and develops recommendations to the authority and the Mayor and Board.

Develops printed and electronic materials, manages the distribution of, and continually evaluates those materials for relevance.

Responsible for communication with local media regarding authority events, programs, and initiatives.

Works with City Treasurer to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal reporting requirements.

Develops relationships with merchants and property owners and effectively communicates notice of upcoming events, road closures and projects.

Works with the Assistant City Manager/Economic Development Director on recruitment of businesses to the Downtown area.

Serves as the primary staff contact for the Downtown Development Authority.

Assist the Parks, Recreation, and Community Resource Director in all requested duties and projects.

Perform other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, and internet knowledge.
Skills in the use of computers, copy machines, fax machines, and phones.
Strong math skills and accurate data entry skills.
Skills in management, planning, and organization.
Skills in oral and written communication.
Basic level knowledge of social media.

Minimum of 1-year experience in the recreation, tourism, marketing, economic development, or related field.
Must have a valid Georgia Drivers License.
Must be able to work 40 hours a week and overtime if needed.
Must possess a degree in recreation, tourism, marketing, sports administration, public administration, or related field.
Must be able to follow all city ordinances, policies, and procedures.

Employee oversees part-time employees and volunteers and some maintenance employees when the employees are working an event. Employee is responsible for making independent decisions on employee deployment and resources needed.
Employee reports to the Parks, Recreation, and Community Resource Director.

Work is performed in a variety of conditions and settings, including but not limited to a desk in an office setting, outdoors in a variety of weather conditions and includes standing for a long period of time during working hours along with the physical demands of setting up and breaking down of events and programs.

Regular attendance is necessary job function required for this position. Working hours vary depending on the season and program. Overtime, early mornings, late evenings, holidays, or weekends are needed to complete job. This is a salaried position.

The incumbent must have full use of upper limbs and lower extremities, especially hands and fingers (for computer operation), and must be able to lift up to 30 pounds occasionally. Eyeglasses or corrective lenses may be worn to provide 20-20 vision for the incumbent. Hearing aids are also satisfactory.