Example Job Description #7


Summary: This position is responsible for the development, coordination, execution and documentation of a comprehensive downtown revitalization program. The Director will perform complex and responsible work and enjoy considerable latitude in discharging duties, exercising considerable independent judgment and discretion in carrying out daily responsibilities. The Director is directly responsible to the Board Chairman.

Major Duties:
1. Familiarization with all persons and forces directly or indirectly involved in the downtown area.
2. Oversee & maintain DDA Operating Budget and prepare annually. Familiar with payroll/accounting practices including payroll taxes and withholding. Responsible for timely filing of Federal and State returns including Social Security. Works closely with Treasurer to ensure all financial data is reported tracked and monitored.
3. Assess leadership and management capacities of major community organizations influencing downtown development and encourage improvement in undertaking joint activities.
4. Encourage a cooperative climate between the BDDA, downtown businesses and public officials, addressing the area of public improvements and issues in downtown.
5. Help build strong and productive working relationships with appropriate public and private agencies at the local, state, and national levels.
6. Assist the BDDA Board of Directors in developing an action plan with yearly updates.
7. Track and Monitor attendance of BDDA and BDDAA Boards-(Brunswick DDA and Brunswick Advisory Board)
8. Expand and develop advisory/volunteer capacity ensuring that committee activity is moving smoothly.
9. Coordinate activities of the BDDA/Historic Brunswick Business Association committees. Assist in the coordination of joint promotional events and encourage design excellence in all aspects of promotion in order to advance an image of a quality downtown.
10. Interpret, develop and conduct on-going public awareness and educational program constantly in the public eye, both within and outside the community.
11. Prepare press releases and serve as primary contact for all media types.
12. Advise downtown businesses and assist in the coordination of joint promotional events and encourage design excellence in all aspects of promotion in order to advance an image of a quality downtown.
13. Develop strategies to increase opportunities downtown, attracting new users to existing facilities, expanding market opportunities and promoting existing businesses.
14. Facilitate recruiting new businesses downtown
15. Inform and assist tenants and property owners with physical improvement projects.
16. Administer facade grant program to encourage development of prominent examples of appropriately designed and executed improvements, provide referrals to funding programs. Administer Jump Start grant program to foster small business development. Provide referrals to funding programs.
17. Manage administrative aspects of the Main Street program as assigned.
18. Represent the BDDA/Main Street at various state and national conferences, workshops, and seminars.
19. Maintain personal contact with all members of the BDDA district through newsletters, DDA brochures, special events and functions, and business visits.
20. Facility management for Old City Hall.
21. Coordinate cruise ship scheduling with City Marshal and act as Captains docking contact person for City of Brunswick.
22. Oversee update of all DDA marketing materials and associated printing costs.
23. Oversee update of DDA Website.
24. Perform other related tasks as directed by the BDDA Board of Directors.

Desirable qualifications may include:
1. A bachelors degree in history, business, planning or a related discipline.
2. Experience in preservation-based commercial revitalization, an acute visual sensitivity and commitment to the preservation philosophy.
3. Should be an energetic, self-motivated, imaginative and accomplished organizer, capable of functioning effectively in an independent situation, while maintaining a sense of the overall goals of the commercial revitalization product.
4. Strong oral and written communications skills as well as attention to detail.
5. An ability to deal effectively with the public and governmental officials.
6. Knowledge of office equipment and experience with word processing and bookkeeping.
The above description reflects general details as necessary to describe the principal functions of the job, the level of knowledge and skill typically required, and the scope of responsibility, but should not be considered an all-inclusive listing of work requirements.